Ronnie Radke of Falling In Reverse

Ronnie Radke & Falling In Reverse’s Social Media & Official Website Have All Disappeared


Falling In Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke‘s X profile (formerly known as Twitter) was ‘deleted’ this week and is currently listed as no longer existing as of today, February 27th. Radke had previously been shadowbanned on the platform since last summer.

Radke‘s outspoken views on gender identity and other hot button issues had seen him engage in numerous online confrontations on X as of late, which also led to numerous online beefs. Amidst the near daily controversy however, Radke had also recently been using his social media platform to financially help out a number of his fans, doing everything from buying them items they wanted to helping pay off their credit card bills.

Generally an account removed by X will feature a notice of an account suspension, rather than an outright deletion. As it currently stands, the official website of Radke‘s aforementioned multi-platinum alternative metal band remains down with a 502 Bad Gateway error as of press time. The band’s official Instagram and Facebook profiles are also currently down, suggesting that this may all be part of a publicity stunt, but time will tell.

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