Ronnie Radke

Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Helped Pay A Random Fan’s Credit Card Bill On Social Media This Week


Thanks to his polarizing opinions and confrontational antics on social media, Falling In Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke usually finds himself making headlines for less than savory reasons more often than not as of late. However, as Radke has shown in the past, he does have a charitable side, even if he often chooses to publicize it less. Be it helping out fans or contributing to crowdfunding campaigns of fellow artists in need, Radke has used his wealth and his platform for good as well.

Case in point is Radke‘s actions earlier this week. Amid an argument with an individual on X this past Tuesday (January 23rd), Radke boasted of his own personal finances. Radke‘s boast led a random fan to chime in, asking if Radke could help out with his credit card bill since he claimed to be rich. As it turns out, Radke put his money where his mouth is and did just that, contributing $2,000 to the fan’s $7,000 bill.

That exchange played out as follows:

“Yes I’m 40 years old rich as shit and bored talking hella shit to literal fucking losers because I have nothing better to do because I don’t have to work a normal job so I got all the time in the world and most your favorite bands are messaging me laughing their asses off, stop calling me insane shit abd I’ll stop holding a mirror up to you ugly mothefuckers.”

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