Phil Demmel

Phil Demmel Announces He Is Leaving Vio-lence


Tenured thrash metal guitarist Phil Demmel has revealed his decision to once again exit the lineup of Vio-lence. Demmel returned to the aforementioned reunited Bay Area outfit back in 2019 after departing Machine Head. Speaking via Instagram today, February 05th, Demmel confirmed his plans to move on from Vio-lence following their show this Sunday, February 11th at the Carioca Club in São Paulo, Brazil.

In the below video, he clarified that his decision to quit the band isn’t entirely a result of his newly announced role in the band of ex-Slayer guitarist Kerry King. He can also back that up, as February of last year found him bginning to step back from his post in Vio-lence, admitting he was unsure of his future with the long-running group.

In his new video statement (transcribed by, Demmel explained his reasoning:

“I am announcing that this Sunday will be my last show for Vio-lence. The timing is weird, I know. It doesn’t really coincide with the Kerry [King] thing. It’s not ‘oh, that got announced so now I’m quitting this, stopping this, retiring, or whatever.’ It’s been, I guess, in the works for a bit.

My status in the band was undefined for a while and [the band was] kind of doing things that I felt uncomfortable or fell in to my schedule or whatever. But given just the latest state of the band and where I feel I belong with it or feel tied to it, I just think my time is at an end.”

He continued:

“Me and Perry [Strickland] started this band in high school and it’s cool to be going to places we haven’t been… I’m feeling that Shawn is.. I guess we’ve both been on different pages, but I don’t feel like I fit in with what the objective of this is anymore. And in light of some current events, I felt compelled to make the break and just thought about maybe doing a home show and saying ‘good bye’ but I don’t feel I need that.”

He later added:

“I feel fulfilled and anything further kind of feels forced. Actually before this tour, I honestly didn’t want to come. So I was committed to it, I wasn’t going to back out, but I think I’m done. I think I’ve done what I want to do with this band.

June 1, 1985 to February 11, 2024. 39, almost 40 years. So never say ‘never again,’ or you try not to say that but sometimes you do. It’s been life-defining. It’s been a pleasure. It’s been an honor being Phil from Vio-lence.”

Amid his latest run in Vio-lence, Demmel became the ‘Phil-in’ of choice for several bands, sitting in for live shows from Slayer, Lamb Of God & Overkill.

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