Phil Demmel Admits He’s Unsure About His Future With Vio-lence


San Francisco, CA thrash metal band Vio-lence recently overhauled their lineup in the wake of the departure of long-time drummer Perry Strickland. Among the latest participants to join the outfit are Adrian Aguilar of Exmortus on drums and guitarist Miles Dimitri Baker (Interloper, ex-Rings Of Saturn, etc.).

However, these latest lineup shifts have stirred up some apparent unease in the band’s guitarist Phil Demmel, who serves as one of the two remaining ‘classic era’ members of the outfit. Demmel recently took to social media to address his future in the band, while also revealing that he has suggested to vocalist Sean Killian that they shut the group down.

Speaking yesterday (see below), February 26th, Demmel offered:

“In all honesty, ’cause that’s kind of how I roll, it’s kind of weird playing these shows. With Perry gone now… Everybody’s awesome. Miles is awesome. I love Christian [Olde Wolbers, bassist.] Ira [Black, guitarist] is super pro… It’s just weird. And being the founder, co-founder of this band and being a part of just about everything that it’s done, seeing it come to a bunch of fill-ins and me and Sean, it’s just…

I’m in a weird spot right now with how it is. We played last night. The show was great. Adrian did awesome. Playing the tunes was great. The fans loved it. It was packed. But I’m just kind of really torn right now in the sense of what Vio-lence is and what it’s gonna be and what my role is gonna be in that and how I feel about that. So I’m just spitting it all out right now.

I had a talk with Sean about it. And actually, in all honesty, I’ve asked him to — [laughs] this is an overshare, for sure — but I’ve told him I wanted to shut it down. I get the feelings of 1991 all over again when Robb [Flynn] left and then Perry left. And God bless Ray and Mark Hernandez, and it just became something that it wasn’t. And that’s how it’s kind of feeling to me a little bit. It’s kind of what it feels like.

I’m in a very fortunate spot music-wise, with lots of options and lots of things I could be doing or am doing, in a sense, and realizing that to ask that of those dudes to not do it anymore is selfish on my part. And maybe that’s why I made the first reachout about… So thinking about it today moved my perspective to the point where it’s… The kids are loving it. And for the people that didn’t know the members of the band, as opposed from the older fans that have known us as those five that were on those records, then it’s…

I don’t know what to do. I’m just sharing how I feel about it all. I love the dudes that are jamming with them. Like I said, I do. It’s nothing against them. I think they play the parts great. It’s definitely different.

The thing with me and Vio-lence is that we were always this dangerous element — not, like, dangerous… Well, back in the day, definitely. [Laughs] But it was just this weird things-can-go-off-the-rails-at-any-moment-type deal. And as you put different people in those pieces, then you kind of lose what that’s about.

And maybe that’s what I’m missing right now. And I’ve been apart from it, from all the things that I’ve been doing and have chosen to do. So it’s hard to let go. And I’m not letting go; I’m a partner in the business. And as much as I’m gonna be playing? Probably not a bunch.

So I think it’s fair to the fans to know that… I will announce what shows I’m gonna be at, and I think it’s fair of the band to let the fans where and what lineup is gonna be playing, in that sense, and let them decide what they wanna do.”

Fan-filmed footage of the band’s recent first show with their updated linedup can be found below:


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