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Architects Vocalist Sam Carter Addresses His Band’s Recent Controversy: “No One On This Stage Judges Anybody For Their Gender, Their Race, And Whoever They Are In Love With.”


Architects vocalist Sam Carter has spoken out about the controversy swirling around the band lately. If you’ve somehow missed it, several days ago the British metalcore band’s guitarist Adam Christianson shared a post made by political commentator Tim Pool.

That post, which was shared on X, found Pool praising a video of anti-trans commentary and more from controversial MMA fighter Sean Strickland. Christianson would go on to delete his repost of that post from Pool, following up with an apology that claimed the reshare was “an all thumbs moment.”

However, some weren’t quick to accept his explanation, apparently digging into his past like history and finding that Christianson had reportedly previously liked several posts with controversial stances on trans-identity.

Members of several other bands also weighed in on the original post shared by Pool, condemning it. Among them were Silent Planet vocalist Garrett Russell and Spiritbox vocalist Courtney LaPlante. Falling In Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke would later insert himself into the mix. Radke‘s stake in the matter concerned Spiritbox and their positions on inclusivity and standing up for trans rights.

Last year saw Spiritbox drop off a planned tour with Falling In Reverse following backlash from their fanbase. A vocal contingent of Spiritbox fans took issue with Radke‘s oft-stated views on trans identity and his own controversial past.

Several days ago now Radke publicly implied that Spiritbox were not sticking to their beliefs in also dropping from their just started European tour with Architects and Loathe in light of the controversy surrounding Christianson.

Radke stated:

Should you want the more in-depth version of all that backstory, check out yesterday’s (January 23rd) report on the matter.

That leads us up to tonight (January 24th.) Appearing on stage at the kickoff date of his band’s headlining set at Le Zenith in Paris, France, Carter addressed the elephant in the room, stating:

“No one on this stage judges anybody for their gender, their race, and whoever they are in love with. We never have, we never will. That is not what this band stands for. And that is not what this band will ever stand for. We love every single one of you.”

The moment was captured on video by a fan and can be viewed below:

Spiritbox also performed as scheduled and vocalist Courtney LaPlante allegedly made a similar statement on stage tonight too. One fan claimed that LaPlante told the audience at one point:


Radke has since responded to that fan’s post, offering:

Ronnie Radke On Spiritbox

He followed that up with the belowposts:

“If you gotta constantly talk about not being homophobic transphobic or a bigot as a band you are pandering, exploiting sexuality for your own benefit. The reality is most people arent homophobic or transphobic, so when I see bands constantly using it as a talking point it immediately shows me they can’t be trusted.”

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