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Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Prods Spiritbox Over Architects Controversy: “Let’s See You Not Compromise Your Integrity And Drop Off The Tour”


Falling In Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke has fired a barb in the direction of Spiritbox. The two bands had a somewhat rocky relationship last year, after Spiritbox backed out of a planned tour with Falling In Reverse. Spiritbox who have been seen as champions for inclusivity and accountability, found themselves under intense backlash from a select contingent of their fanbase over opting to tour with Falling In Reverse.

Radke himself has of course grown into a divisive figure amid the alternative metal scene. In addition to Radke‘s already well-documented controversial past, he frequently expresses his controversial opinions and views online across social media. Some of his posts regarding trans identity and more found him banned and shadowbanned on select social media services last July.

While Radke refrained from dissing Spiritbox when they withdrew from the aforementioned tour, he didn’t extend the same courtesy to some of Spiritbox‘s fans. Now Spiritbox have found themselves in a somewhat similar situation. The band are booked as direct support for Architects & Loathe‘s European/UK tour that is scheduled to kickoff this week.

You may have seen last week that Architects guitarist Adam Christianson apologized after resharing this controversial post on X. That post was made by political commentator Tim Pool, and found Pool praising a video from controversial MMA fighter Sean Strickland.

Strickland‘s commentary in that video generated much controversy, with the clip in question finding Strickland decrying trans people, among other things.

Christianson would later delete his resharing of that post/video, stating in a follow-up post:

However, other users soon delved into Christianson‘s like history on X, finding him liking past posts sharing controversial takes on trans rights and identity.

Meanwhile, a discussion about that Strickland video and Pool‘s post on it also prompted Silent Planet vocalist Garrett Russell to comment, stating:

It was in the replies to Russell‘s post in which Spiritbox vocalist Courtney LaPlante engaged in discussions with some users of differing beliefs on trans rights and identity. Notable among those exchanges was the following:

In light of all the controversy, Ronnie Radke waded back into situation, posting:

Ronnie Radke On Spiritbox

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