Till Lindemann

Rammstein’s Till Lindemann Debuts “Sport Frei” Video


Rammstein, etc. vocalist Till Lindemann has given an online premiere to his latest music video, “Sport Frei“. The 60-year-old industrial metal icon will be releasing his new solo album “Zunge” on November 03rd, with this track set to be featured upon it.

Lindemann found himself at the center of controversy earlier this year, after a round of allegations were shared online regarding activities taking place at ‘Row 0’ backstage parties being held around Rammstein shows.

Those events were claimed to have been organized by Lindemann and his associates. An allegation of a woman being drugged at one of the parties, along with allegations of other disturbing behavior followed.

In light of that, German prosecutors launched a probe into the matter. However, as of this past August, they dropped their investigation, citing issues with being unable to substantiate any of the claims made by any of the alleged victims.

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