German Prosecutors Drop Their Investigation Into Rammstein’s Till Lindemann Over Sexual Misconduct, Etc. Allegations


German prosecutors have dropped their probe into Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann. The 60-year-old industrial metal icon gained the interest of authorities earlier this summer, after a woman came forward with allegations of being drugged at a backstage party held by Lindemann around the band’s live performance in Vilnius, LIT.

However, it was unclear how the woman’s drink was apparently spiked at that party. In the wake of her allegations, several other women came forward with allegations of their own surrounding the ‘Row 0’ backstage parties held around Rammstein shows, leveling claims of drugs, booze and debauchery, while others suggested sexual misconduct may have taken place. Per those allegations, the parties in question were generally put on by Lindemann and members of his inner circle.

In response to those allegations, and a separate incident in which Lindemann‘s 2013 poetry book ‘In Stillen Nächte’/’On Quiet Nights‘ was found to have been featured in a past pornographic film he was involved with, Lindemann‘s publisher Kiepenheuer & Witsch dropped him.

Soon afterwards, in early June of this year, it was revealed that German prosecutors had launched a probe into Lindemann and the so-called ‘Row 0’ parties. In mid-June, the band’s drummer Christoph Schneider addressed the allegations, issuing this statement. In it, he stood by his bandmate, but also put some distance between the band and Lindemann‘s parties.

In mid-July it was revealed that lawyers for Lindemann had been awarded a publication ban against German publication Spiegel, after several allegations made by anonymous women against Lindemann were published.

That leads us up to today, August 29th, where the office of the Attorney General of Berlin has announced that they have now dropped their investigation into Lindemann. The following statement was issued in regards to that [translated from German]:

“The public prosecutor’s office in Berlin has dropped an investigation against Till Lindemann, the singer of the band “Rammstein“, on suspicion of committing sexual offenses and violations of the Narcotics Act. The evaluation of the available evidence – above all the press reports that refer to anonymous whistleblowers, as well as the additional questioning of witnesses – has not produced any indications that the accused has carried out sexual acts on women against their will, administered deactivating substances or exploited a power imbalance towards underage sexual partners in order to persuade them to have sex.

The investigations were initiated on the basis of advertisements by third parties in connection with press reports. The statements made by witnesses in the press reports have not been confirmed by the investigations.

Alleged victims have so far not contacted the law enforcement authorities, but only – even after the investigation became known – to journalists, who in turn have invoked their right to refuse to give evidence. There was therefore just as little opportunity to substantiate any allegations sufficiently as to gain an impression of the credibility of the alleged victims and the credibility of their statements during interrogations.

The statements made by the witness Kyla Shyx, who had initially made allegations via “Youtube”, remained too vague in the interrogations – especially since the witness was unable to describe her own experience of criminally relevant incidents. The circumstances she described represent either conclusions from observations or have been described to her by others. Other persons named by the witness are said to have either not observed anything relevant under criminal law or were not named in a sufficiently identifiable manner and could not be named through the further police investigations either. A direct interrogation was therefore not possible.

The Lithuanian authorities have refused to initiate preliminary proceedings into the incident known from the media against the person who identified himself as Shelby Lynn around the concert of the band Rammstein in Vilnius on May 22, 2023. The Berlin public prosecutor had documents from the Lithuanian authorities. These were evaluated. Here, too, there were no concrete factual indications of sexual offenses by the accused. In any case, the origin of a hematoma alone does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about such an act or about a specific suspect. Contradictory information was provided on the result of a drug test arranged by the witness herself, but the result itself was not available.

The allegation of sexual abuse by young people, presented in the press reports, about a young woman who allegedly had entered into a sexual relationship with the accused when she was 15 (shortly before turning sixteen) could not be substantiated either. Because this witness also remained anonymous and could therefore not be questioned.

There are no criminally relevant indications of violations of the Narcotics Act.

The tour manager was accused of allegedly leading young women backstage at concerts due to media reports. In this respect, there were also no indications of criminally relevant behavior. The proceedings against her were therefore discontinued in the same way.”

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