Tommy Vext

Tommy Vext Will Be Releasing His Next Album Exclusively Through His New App


Former Bad Wolves vocalist Tommy Vext has announced that he’ll be stepping outside the modern record industry model for the release of his next studio album. Rather than release the effort on traditional digital service providers, he plans to launch his own streaming/social media platform, Vextapp.

That app will launch on Black Friday, November 24th, with the aforementioned album to be made available exclusively through it for the time being. Vext recently commented on social media as to why he chose that route:

“On Black Friday I will be releasing my new Album exclusively on my new streaming / social media platform VEXTAPP

The album will not be available on mainstream services for a while IF EVER.

There is a serious problem in the music industry with transparency between service providers & artists on top of the crippling fractional cent compensation for our art & intellectual property.

I am at a place where I would rather cater to a few thousand die hard fans then get fucked over hoping to reach millions when the gate keepers suppress my work out of hatred & prejudice for my political, moral & religious convictions.

I love you guys & I’ve invested everything I have to create a free speech space for art & music in hope that it changes the narrative on who is “allowed” to be in the conversation.

Please share this if you agree it time that the fans and. The artist took control over their own relationships again

#Tommyvext #independentartist #streaming #Hildtheline #cancelculture”

While a violent 2008 exit from Divine Heresy saw Vext draw considerable controversy at the time, he has since developed into an increasingly divisive figure over the years; in particular during the pandemic era, where his controversial opinions on politics, conspiracies and more—along with several incidents—led to several lawsuits and allegations that were resolved in court.

Following his exit from Bad Wolves, heated commentary from both Vext and the band’s camp would go on to fracture the group’s fans, often pitting them against each other. This past September, Vext spoke out on his desire to mend fences, while also calling for an end to the hostilities among his and his former band’s fans.

At the time, he stated that he was on a mission to make amends. His former Bad Wolves bandmate Doc Coyle would later go on to label Vext‘s ‘mission’ as ‘PR’, claiming that Vext never reached out to him.

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