The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder’s Alan Cassidy Reflects On The Band’s Final Tour With Trevor Strnad


Alan Cassidy, drummer for The Black Dahlia Murder and Slugdge, has reflected back on The Black Dahlia Murder‘s final tour with their frontman Trevor Strnad. The group wrapped that run in early October of last year, with Strnad passing away on May 11th of this year as the result of an apparent suicide.

Speaking via social media yesterday, September 06th, Cassidy recalled the experiences he and his bandmates shared on that trek and what the tragedy he has endured in 2022 has taught him. Here’s what he offered:

“It’s been a year since I was last on tour with my band. This was the start of “getting back to normal” and getting back into the routine but it wasn’t. We played huge rooms every night with new and old friends in the bands on the package and had a better than expected tour selling out half of it by the end that left us feeling in our element and on top of the world.

We got to play our new material for the first time on a tour, hang with friends we hadn’t seen in almost 2 years, hang together as a band smoking, snacking, listening to music, and joking as usual. We got to have our pre show “sippin’ time” warm up hangs with Trevor providing the pre show motivational music. We had our first band DMT experience in Vegas, and some good day off hangs and family dinners.

There were a lot of great experiences, memories, and friends made from that run. So many unpredictable things out of our control have happened since then that none of us could have seen coming but the things we could do I think we took advantage of: Enjoying our time together and letting each other know we loved each other. As cheesy as it sounds it was important because we didn’t have those next tours together and didn’t see one another until May when we found out about Trevor.

2022 was nothing like what we expected but neither was this tour and it ended up being one of the best and most appreciated tours getting to do what we love again with the people we love and having familiar but new experiences together. I only wish I would have taken more pictures and video and really taken in every second of it even more. You never know what will happen and only now do I understand that’s why it’s so important that we enjoy what we have when we have it and let those people we love know it as well. #theblackdahliamurder #family #upfromthesewertour”

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