The Mars Volta

The Mars Volta Appear To Be Teasing Something In Los Angeles


It’s no secret that for several years now experimental prog rock outfit The Mars Volta have been planning an eventual return. Back in 2019, frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala confirmed that new material from the outfit was in its infancy. Outside of some extensive vinyl reissues though, there hasn’t been much said on what the future holds for the band.

As noted by several of the outfit’s fans however, it would appear that the eclectic Texans appear to have something up their sleeve in the very near future. A playlist for the band’s most recent album, 2012’s “Noctourniquet” was recently altered on the group’s official YouTube channel. While the videos featured there remain a decade old, an updated thumbnail for them is far newer.

It features the band’s logo along with the longitude and latitude coordinates of 34.0556n, 118.2457w, in addition to the date of June 19-21. Those coordinates mark the location of Grand Park in Los Angeles, CA and the aforementioned dates are of course right around the corner.

The Mars Volta


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