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Deluxe Edition Of Tool’s “Fear Inoculum” Announced For April Release, Pre-orders Launched


Enigmatic alternative metal band Tool‘s limited-edition ultra deluxe vinyl set for their GRAMMY Award-winning 2019 album “Fear Inoculum” will officially be released to the public at large on April 08th.

While autographed copies at the band’s shows taken from their own personal allotment made headlines after going for as much as $810 at the merch booth, a selection of stores currently listing this public release of the set are charging a comparatively palatable $169.99 USD.

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A previously released video showing the unveiling of the elaborately housed 5-LP set, which features deconceptualized packaging from guitarist Adam Jones and custom etched vinyl, a pictorial booklet and new artwork, can be seen below. Pre-orders for this new set are available here.

The deluxe vinyl pressing runs as follows:

Disc 1: “Fear Inoculum” and “Pneuma

Disc 2: “Invincible

Disc 3: “Legion Inoculant” and “Descending

Disc 4: “Culling Voices” and “Chocolate Chip Trip

Disc 5: “7empest” and “Mockingbeat

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