Rammstein’s Till Lindemann Was Detained & Questioned By Authorities In Russia This Weekend Prior To A Scrapped Live Appearance


Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann was detained and questioned by Russian authorities this weekend ahead of his planned live appearance at the ‘Maklarin For The Motherland‘ festival in Tver, Russia. It is being reported by local news outlets that Lindemann‘s rehearsal for the festival was blocked by authorities and that he and members of his camp were taken in for questioning yesterday, August 28th.

Local media are reporting that Lindemann‘s detainment was the result of local gathering concerns in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. The festival’s organizer Maxim Larin issued a statement last night (August 28th) in part saying:

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“The festival in full, as we tried to organize, we are unable to do it due to the decision and physical obstacle of the authorities. Today and yesterday we were shown this.”

Prior to the festival several posts were made by Larin‘s camp in regards to oppositions held by local authorities over gathering limits, which are said to be restricted to a max of 500 people within a certain area. Insinuations have also since been made that the local authorities objections to the event may have been political in nature, as Larin himself has held political ties with the Rodina Party, while his son is said to be more active in that capacity as a nominee.

Larin further commented to BBC, “It is a pity that the holding’s anniversary and mine were enveloped in politics and everything was destroyed.” Local authorities have since stated that their interest with Lindemann extended only to the gathering restrictions regarding the show and were not related to any other matter. Ultimately Lindemann‘s performance was cancelled.

Meanwhile it is being reported by several outlets that Anar Reiband, a manager and talent booker long associated with Lindemann, is said to have run afoul of Russian authorities in connection with the detainment. It is alleged he falsely declared his purposes for entering the country as being tourism related. Authorities believe he instead was in fact involved in helping organize the festival.

Lindemann himself recently ran afoul of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia after selling the Lubimiy Gorod” music video he filmed at the museum via an NFT. The Hermitage Museum have argued that the subsequent sales of the video and clips from it, which Lindemann was offering for €100,000, violated their original licensing agreement that allowed Lindemann to film at the location.

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