Chris Taylor Brown Says Fake Trapt Facebook Profile Is Behind Recent Transphobic Comments


Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown has issued a video statement denying the validity of this Facebook profile that has been portrayed as being run by the band. His comments regarding the profile follow some controversy that recently emerged after disparaging comments were made in regards to a trans person on that page. That post was followed on the page by two apologies and explanations that the group were not homophobic.

Trapt themselves were deleted by Facebook for violating community standards last November. Thanks to Brown‘s actions, they were also booted from Twitter, while Brown himself was also banned from Instagram.

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Speaking via his TikTok on the fake Facebook page and recent controversy, Brown stated:

“…I think the same forces that pushed as hard as they could to kick me off of Twitter and Facebook… I think they’re definitely at it again. I know Facebook knows about all this, TikTok‘s watching me, I know this.

So on Facebook there’s this fake Trapt profile that posted something about a trans, ‘don’t deal with this trans dude’ or some transphobic thing, and then right after that did a fake apology and all that stuff stuff. Weird how on the same day I just gave a shoutout to all our LGBT fans.

But yeah, I really think everybody’s gunning for me to get kicked off this app. I know that. I will only be doing music here. Just music. Know that I know that you can’t even call someone an idiot or a moron on this app. You can’t call anyone anything. And I really hope that they do that for both sides, I don’t know…”

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