Shadows Fall

Shadows Fall Have A Reunion Show Booked For This Year


Shadows Fall are currently set to follow through on their plans for a live reunion with one show booked around their hometown of Boston, MA for later this year. Appearing recently on ‘Who’s Your Band?‘ (see below), the group’s drummer Jason Bittner spoke of why the group have yet to reunite in the studio for some new music, he stated:

“It’s not me. I’ll tell you that right now — it’s not me. Some other guys have another new band that they just announced not too long ago [Living Wreckage], so they’re obviously preoccupied doing other things. With the pandemic, there’s plenty of time sitting at home that I would think that there would be plenty of time to write other material too. But, hey… I don’t wanna point any fingers; I’m not gonna push any buttons. What I can tell you is that we tried to get together last year for a reunion. We have a date again scheduled for this year. That’s all I can tell you right now.”

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“We’re not gonna say we’re still gonna be on hiatus, but we’re not gonna say we’re active either. We wanna just try to play a show. That’s the point of right now — can we play a show first, and then everything else that comes after that, like talk of writing a record or talk of writing an EP… We’ve already talked about this — we said, if anything, we would write an EP first. We wouldn’t write a full-length; we’d probably just four-song increments or something.”

Back in 2019 Bittner said the group initially hung it up in 2014 after noticing a diminishing turnout at their shows. He commented at the time, “…people stopped coming to see us……that’s the reality- we wore out our welcome it seems – sometimes you need to take a rest.”