Living Wreckage

Living Wreckage (Anthrax, Shadows Fall, Etc.) Launch Their Debut Single “Breaking Point”


Members of Anthrax, Shadows Fall, Act Of Defiance and more have united in the new outfit Living Wreckage. Below you can check out their first single, “Breaking Point“. Frontman Jeff Gard (of Death Ray Vision), commented of the track:

“It’s basically a middle finger to the powers that be and to the people that blindly follow them to whatever doom awaits. Whether it’s politics, the media, or people you know, there seems to be a recurring theme of fear and everything ‘hitting the fan.’ ‘Breaking Point’ is about how it is going to happen one way or another so screw it.”

The band’s debut effort will be out later this year and was produced and engineered by Shane Frisby (Unearth, Bury Your Dead) and mixed by Pete Rutcho (Revocation, Falling In Reverse). The group also tentatively have the following live shows booked:

05/29 Chicopee, MA – Geraldines
06/26 Clifton, NJ – Dingbatz

Living Wreckage lineup:

Vocals – Jeff Gard (Death Ray Vision)
Guitars – Jon Donais (Anthrax/Shadows Fall)
Guitars – Matt LeBreton (Downpour)
Bass – Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall/Act Of Defiance)
Drums – Jon Morency (Let Us Prey)

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