Otep Shamaya

Otep Shamaya And Phoebe Bridgers Recount Past Disturbing Experiences With Marilyn Manson


Otep frontwoman Otep Shamaya and rising singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers have weighed in on the various accusations of abuse publicly made against by Marilyn Manson earlier this week. This past Monday, February 01st, several women came forward with public accusations against Manson that ranged from sexual assault to grooming, mental abuse and more. Among those to accuse him was Manson‘s ex-fiancée, actress Evan Rachel Wood. You can find those allegations in full at this location.

Manson himself would deny the allegations, but his dismissal of them did nothing to stop the immediate backlash. In the days that have followed, his label, his talent agency and more have all severed ties with him. He also faces a potential police/FBI investigation over the matter.

Furthermore, a number of musicians have also since come forth against Manson, with Limp Bizkit guitarist (and former member of Manson‘s backing band) Wes Borland having sided with the accusers, stating in part “I was in the band for nine months. He’s not a great guy. And every single thing that people have said about him is fucking true.”

Likewise, Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor—a former close friend and associate of Manson—also also condemned Manson as well. Earlier today (February 04th,) Phoebe Bridgers tweeted the following of an experience she allegedly had at Manson‘s house years ago:

Now Shamaya has also given her opinion and experiences on the matter, offering the following via social media tonight:

“WARNING: UNPOPULAR OPINION COMNG: Hey everyone, ok, I’ve been getting a lot of requests regarding my thoughts on Manson. I don’t normally discuss personal stuff but since all this evidence is coming out that he’s sexually & physically assaulted a number of women and minors not to mention being a sexist and a Nazi sympathizer, I’ve decided to tell you what I know:

I was a HUGE fan of his. I even wore his shirt on Ozzfest when ppl were blaming him for Columbine. And I’ve met him many times. We have mutual friends including Gene Simmons son, Nick Simmons. Manson even told one of my fans he was afraid of me after SEVAS TRA was released which I took as a HUGE compliment.

But then I dated a woman who was friends with his current wife Lyndsay (and her twin sister – who’s married to James Iha of A Perfect Circle) and Lyndsay used to call our house In the early hours & I was told she was hysterical bcz he was on another drug binge, threatening her life, throwing knives at her that stuck in the wall & verbally assaulting her. We offered many times to have her come to mine bcz he would NEVER come face ME with that bullshit (believe it) but sadly she wouldn’t leave him. So, my ex would be calm and talk her down until Manson realized she was on the phone and he whoa’d down.

But then he started calling in the early hours. I was told he was paranoid, gacked out of his mind, and accusing his wife of cheating with an imaginary person who had blonde hair with a blonde mustache named “Don” who he, I’m told, saw on his security cameras and was “fucking his wife”.

Look. This is heartbreaking for all the women he’s hurt but also for all the fans who always had his back – like ME.

BUT — He’s not the Luciferian evil everyone thinks he is. He’s just a violent junkie who chooses to bully and, according to reports, physically & sexually attacks women who he thinks are weaker than he is. I say …may he rot. #OTEP

Today saw Manson‘s ex-wife Dita Von Teese state that the allegations made against Manson earlier this week did not match her own personal experience with him during their seven-year long relationship which ended in divorce back in December of 2006.

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