Metallica's Lars Ulrich

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich On Trolls & Criticisms Of His Playing Ability: “I’ve Got Nothing Left To Prove, So It Just Doesn’t Register Anymore”


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and his level of playing ability has been a persistent point of derision over the years—and not just for the “St. Anger” snare. Whether or not you share in these criticisms or even vocalize them means little to the man himself. Speaking via the band’s So What? fanzine, Ulrich commented of how he deals with the hate and trolling that comes his way:

“Unlike years ago, I basically don’t read any of the interviews that the other guys do. 20 or 30 years ago, we would all sit and fucking read every page of ‘Kerrang’ and every page of ‘Circus Magazine,’ see what so-and-so’s saying and what the other band members were saying, what James was saying about this and that. Now there’s just none of that. I also don’t really read what people say about Metallica.

I’ll say that occasionally, once every six months or something like that, it’s kind of fun to go through the trolling section just because of the ridiculousness of all of it, but it’s not something that I do regularly anymore.

20 years ago, it would’ve been, ‘Oh, my God, somebody said something bad,’ or, ‘That person said a nasty comment in the comments section,’ or whatever. Now, none of that really means anything to me.”

When it was brought up that some still attempt to smear the band and Ulrich for their 2000 lawsuit against Napster, Ulrich replied:

“But I’m so over – I’m literally immune to it. We just did a bunch of interviews, and sometimes, if I am being interviewed by a journalist who is also a fan, they’ll say, ‘When people say Lars Ulrich is a shitty drummer, I defend you.’

“Which is cool, but I’ve got to tell you, 20 years later, 30 years later, it just doesn’t register anymore. I am so comfortable with who I am, I’m so comfortable with who Metallica is, I’m so comfortable with our place in all of it.

I’ve got an incredible wife, three great kids, my dad and Molly, incredible friends, and lots of cool acquaintances. It’s all good. I’ve got nothing left to prove, so it just doesn’t register anymore.”


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