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Devin Townsend Says New ‘Puzzle’ Album Is Tentatively Due This Spring


For an artist as prolific as Devin Townsend, sometimes real-world logistics can get in the way of creative output. Case in point: ‘The Puzzle‘, a new ambient-themed project he had originally intended to release last month. Back on October 09th, Townsend said of the then impending project:

“Ok so: been hyper inspired making this bizzare project over the past few weeks called ‘Puzzle’ . it’s basically done, but the video that accompanies it (which is how I’d like it to be taken in) has had the opportunity to get some great touches added, so I’m ive decided to release it as soon as the videos done instead… (maybe 10 days…) It’s sort of an ambient thing I guess, though really orchestrated… it’s one of the most cathartic things I’ve done in years. It came out in a fury… so much data in such short time :) I’ll keep tweaking it until the release because I’ve enjoyed the process so much and maybe you’ll like it too. It’s a trip. Thanks Travis for providing the perfect counterpart to what I’ve been hearing.”

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Since then his vision for the project has expanded with it now expected out in the spring as a full-fledged offering. He took to Twitter to say the following of that earlier today, November 09th:

This past August Townsend stated he had been putting his efforts into what was then expected to be his next official album, “Lightwork.

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