Abe Cunningham Of Deftones

Deftones’ Abe Cunningham Explains Album Artwork For “Ohms”, Reveals His Favorite Song From It


Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham recently chatted with 105.7 The Point about the band’s forthcoming new album “Ohms” and more. When asked about whether or not he has a favorite song at the moment from the as-yet unreleased new effort, he replied:

“I like it all obviously because it’s new and we haven’t played it 17 million times, all these songs, it’s always nice to have new stuff. But there’s a song called “Radiant City” which is kind of cool.

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It starts out with just Sergio on bass, just [mimics bass notes] it’s just got this really nice kind of driving [rhythm], you know what I mean? And that’s my one right now, it changes every few days, but I’ve had time to live with the record too…

As for the eyes featured on the “Ohms” album artwork, Cunningham offered:

“So there’s all these weird theories about the eyes and it’s kind of crazy. There’s this picture of Chi [Cheng] that people have been putting up that’s kind of this famous one that’s been out there, and they actually laid those eyes on top of there and they match up perfectly. Which is a total coincidence and really kind of trippy though too if you think about it.

Yeah so we had a couple ideas, Frank Maddocks, he’s the guy from our label that has done all of our records, actually starting with ‘White Pony‘, he’s done all of our records, all the art for every record since then.

And you know, we obviously have a nice rapport, a nice working relationship together and so there’s definitely trust. He came out to the studio and we’re talking about things and he was trying to get some ideas of what’s happening so he can go off into his hole and come up with some stuff.

So he ended up coming back with a few things and we just like, the eyes man, the eyes were just… they have a very sort of 80s, sort of Prince kind of ‘When Doves Cry‘ video kind of look to them. So yeah it was just one of those things but then all these people started lay that picture over these eyes of Chi and it really matches up crazy…”

Another fan theory related to the eyes featured on the album artwork comes from an apparent image said to have been previously teased for merch on their postponed summer touring this year. You can see how that lines up here. “Ohms” will be out on September 25th.

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