Metal Musicians On Racism

Metal Musicians Share Their Experiences With Racism


Journalist Liz Ramanand recently published a piece via Heavy Consequence in which musicians from the likes of Alice In Chains, Body Count, Nonpoint, Zeal & Ardor and more recounted their experiences with racism. While some of the recollections date back decades, others recall events that took place just this year. The latter was sadly the case for Nonpoint frontman Elias Soriano, who recalled the following 2020 event:

“Three weeks ago I was walking to the park with my daughter. I’m a Latino with dreadlocks, while my daughter has curly blonde hair and blue eyes. A police officer pulls up like a bat out of hell with his hand on his gun [and] a Caucasian woman about 60 years old comes running up with the police officer saying, “That’s him” and then proceeding to look at my daughter and asking her if she’s okay. Upon which the officer asked me for ID and asked if my daughter was actually my daughter.

Now I want you to think for a second. Imagine you’re walking with your child and someone pulls up and demands that you prove that that’s your child, even though your child is laughing and skipping holding your hand on the way to the park. I said, “Of course this is my daughter! And I don’t have to prove shit to you or this lady.” Then the police officer asked my daughter if I was her dad—something my daughter will never forget.

I turned and glared at the woman, who was visually upset that she was wrong and it was actually my daughter and said, “Thank you for creating such a wonderful lasting memory in my daughter’s life.” The police officer got angry at me and told me to just walk to the park. Then proceeded to turn and talk to the lady and say these words, “It’s OK, I understand why you called me.”

I ask anyone reading this, do you understand why he was called? Was it justified? That’s systemic racism in the flesh. That woman weaponized the police against an innocent father and the police consoles the old white lady. Why? Because she was the only white person in the situation. As it seems for most people of color, the police don’t seem to be here to protect us from evil but to protect whites from non-whites.

Hence the term ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) being so popular among the protesters. They all are catching a glimpse of what people like me have dealt with since I turned from a cute 8-year old Spanish boy, into a suspect.”

With big strides being made towards racial equality in recent months, these sobering recollections feel like necessary reading for the metal community. You can read the full piece over at Heavy Consequence.

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