Ice-T Of Body Count

Ice-T On Trapt Frontman’s Beef: “I’m Not Planning On Fighting Him – I Don’t Want To Hurt The Guy”


Ice-T has carved himself out an adventurous career that has seen him achieve fame as an influential rapper, successful actor and frontman of one of the most controversial metal bands of the 1990s, Body Count. However, it doesn’t appear that a sanctioned bare knuckle fight is in his future.

Ice-T was recently pulled into the Twitter antics of Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown, who later went on to challenge him to a bare knuckle charity fight. It’s a long story, you can catch up on that here.

Ice-T recently took part in a fan Q&A overseen by Kerrang! and was asked ‘When is that fight between you and the singer from Trapt going to happen?’. Ice-T responded:

“Yeah, that’s a weird question. I don’t know that, dude! I never heard of the band Trapt before all this started. I think he was in an altercation, he’s speaking of Power Trip and he’s talking shit to Riley.

Now why that started I have no idea, but in the midst of this he went off on the entire Sumerian label – which we’re no longer on, we’re on Century Media. But in the midst of that rant he included Body Count in one of the groups that he sells more records than on Pandora.

And of course, like we say on the street, ‘Keep my name out of your mouth.’ You could say, ‘We sell more records than everyone on Sumerian’ but once he named Body Count, I decided to say something.

I just told him, ‘Keep talking, we’ll bump into each other one day,’ which he took as a threat. Maybe when I bump into him I’ll want an autograph, I don’t know, I just said, ‘I’ll see you.’ That was gonna be it, but he continued to rant and rave and that turned into him wanting to do charity fights.

My boy Danny Diablo jumped in, ‘Don’t speak on Ice-T,’ because believe it or not, people respect me out there (laughs). People were like, ‘Ice, he’s just trying to use you guys for publicity’ and I let it go.

But the theory that you’re going to talk shit to somebody and then get in a charity boxing match, what kind of clown shit is that? Like, really? Nah, nah, if I do bump into him, it’ll be in a parking lot some place and then we’ll see if he wants to repeat his words. I’m not planning on fighting him – I don’t want to hurt the guy, we’ll just see what happens.”

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