Trapt Frontman Chris Brown Runs Afoul Of Ice-T & Danny Diablo On Twitter


Trapt frontman Chris Brown‘s Twitter war continues with a few seasoned scene veterans amongst his latest sparring opponents. First up, Brown has run afoul of Body Count frontman (and noted gangsta rap pioneer/actor) Ice-T. The latter was dragged in amid Brown‘s war with the Sumerian Records roster, an extension of sorts from his war with the metalcore scene (Body Count were previously signed to Sumerian Records).

That led to some key exchanges, including:

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Amid that discussion, Brown also went on to reveal why he has been on a weeks long tirade of sorts:

Meanwhile, Brown‘s entanglement with Ice-T led him to a confrontation with NYHC vet Danny Diablo (a.k.a. Lord Ezec) of Skarhead, etc. fame:

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