Danny Diablo Vs Chris Brown

Danny Diablo Challenges Trapt’s Chris Taylor Brown To A Charity Boxing Match, Brown Challenges Ice-T To A Bare Knuckle Fight


Power Trip frontman Riley Gale and NYHC vet Danny Diablo have spoken with Revolver about their recent online confrontations with Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown. While Gale had challenged Brown and Trapt to outdraw Power Trip at simultaneous shows for charity, Brown would later challenge Gale to a charity boxing match.

Speaking to Revolver about why he felt the need to step to Brown, Gale offered:

“I felt the need to step in and say you’re an idiot. I was bored cause of the quarantine, otherwise I would have never engaged. But I saw this guy saying all this hateful stuff. When I grew up, I was in an all-male high school and when someone was being bullied, there was always a group of people to step in and defend them and I was one of those people. I saw this dude putting people down for being poor [or] promoting socialism, calling people ugly, saying anti-Semitic stuff, and now he’s climbed the ladder, saying [Trapt are] more successful than Body Count.”

“He’s clearly trolling cause he’s irrelevant. A ton of people haven’t even heard about the band until this beef popped off. What’s funny is he talked about his one hit and people under 25 don’t know his band and some people I know over 30 don’t. He’s trying to use this as a way to get supporters, say his band is relevant and get new supporters out of sheer curiosity, which is probably working cause some people are streaming his band like, ‘Who the fuck is this guy?’

I have a feeling this guy is just broke cause he’s spent his days attacking everybody, strangers, celebrities for no rhyme or reason and looking for a reward for having blind loyalty to Trump.”

While Gale isn’t as keen on the idea of a charity boxing match, another recent Twitter opponent of Brown‘s, Skarhead‘s Danny Diablo is up to the task. He stated:

“I’m not really into politics, even though I’m from the hardcore scene, which I know those guys were fighting about. Power Trip is a great band. Riley is a sweet dude. Then I saw the same dude was fucking with Ice-T, blatantly disrespecting him. How do you talk to Ice-T like that? I’m very influenced by him, how we came up, his music, how we changed his life, so I chimed in and he talked some shit. In my world, no one speaks to me this way.”

“I’m stuck in this house, I’m thinking about smashing this guy’s face. Me and Ice-T were texting about it and how we don’t know this guy, laughing about it. He did have one hit, he did have fans at one point, but it was when record labels were still able to pump lots of money into the band, the radio stations, etc. But the sad thing is not a single fan has written me to defend this dude.”

Regarding a potential fight, Diablo commented:

“Fighting is second nature to me my entire life. I’ve boxed. Everyone knows my reputation in the streets. All you have to say my name and people know what I can do, in and out of the ring. But look, I would never want to hurt this guy for real. Look, I would train with Gavin, and Craig Setari from Sick of it All, and fight for charity, donate money towards the children’s tumor foundation. Diablo loves the kids. I want to help the kids. Most people talk, I’ve challenged people to fights and most people haven’t showed up,” the NYHC icon concludes. “If he shows up and accepts, I’d shake his hand and be cool, mad respect.”

More from Gale and Diablo on the potential fight and their thoughts on Brown can be found at Revolver. Since Revolver published the article Brown has been verbally sparring on Twitter with both Diablo and Gale. He also feels that Revolver are defaming and slandering him with the article:

Brown has also since stated that he will accept the fight with Diablo, if Gale agrees to a separate bare knuckle fight as well.

You can go deeper into that thread and the heated discussion between the three musicians and more here. Meanwhile, today (April 21st) also saw Brown challenge Ice-T to a fight as well, with the below exchange taking place:

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