Aborted Back Out Of Napalm Death’s Spring Tour


Though an official decision has yet to come down regarding the fate of Napalm Death‘s April/May touring plans, it pretty much seems guaranteed that the run will be postponed/cancelled. In addition to dates with The Locust in April, the band had booked a North American tour in April/May with Aborted, Tombs and WVRM.

Should the tour actually go ahead, it will take place without Aborted, who have dropped off the bill. They offered the below announcement on the matter:

“Hey everyone,

We wanted to give you guys some good news in these dark days but unfortunately seems like nothing is spared from the Covid-19 outbreak. Due to all the measures in place (which everyone should follow, mind you), we have to cancel our upcoming tour with Napalm death, Tombs and WVRM.

We feel that we as artists have to do our part as well in urging people to help flatten the curve and take part in social distancing for a while. In the meanwhile this leaves us, along with many others, with a huge financial deficit as our tour merch was already printed, plus work visas; flights; deposits etc were already paid for and it puts us in a very sh***y situation.

We won’t ever ask for a gofundme or anything from anyone. But if you planned on coming to one of the shows and get some merch and you want to support us if possible at all, you can now grab out tour merch from indiemerch and help us resolve this financial catastrophe.

Now is the time to support the bands you love, support them by streaming their music; buying the records and merch as this will be the sole source of income for many of us for the unforeseeable future.

In the meantime we will be working on a tour to replace this one with when possible and write the next album while we are stuck at home like everyone else. Hoping all of you are safe and doing well, thank you in advance and take care of your loved ones.

Sven, Stefano, Ken, Ian & Harrison

*Everything will start shipping next week, we are working through getting it in the system so they will show on pre-order at the moment*”

Aborted‘s new EP “Gloom And The Art Of Tribulation” has been scheduled for an April 17th release.

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