Polaris Premiere Music Video For New Single “Masochist”


Polaris have premiered a music video for their new single “Masochist“. The band’s drummer Daniel Furnari had the following to say of the video:

“We worked with Ed Reiss on this clip, who’s worked on some of our favourite clips from other Australian bands, and together we developed this concept of a painter who, forever dissatisfied with his work, finds he gets more enjoyment from destroying his own creations than from making them.

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We asked our friend Zac Britt (Dream On, Dreamer, Young Lions) to star in the clip. Not only is he a talented actor and someone that we knew would understand and embody the character, but. he is also a painter himself. Zac actually contributed the vast majority of the paintings seen in the clip and then did a bunch of painting live on set. We filmed this clip after finishing off final vocal dubs that same morning, and then flew straight out to Canada the following day for a tour, wrapping up a very intense period of work for us!”

As for the track, Furnari stated:

“As it happens, ‘Masochist‘ was the first song that we began writing in the album process. I remember I had the chorus, along with most of the lyrics and chords for the second verse, floating around in my head on one of the first tours we did for the last record, and once we had our first real break off the road, it didn’t take too long for the rest of the guys to help flesh it out into a complete song.

We had a very clear vision from the start of what we wanted to do with this song — something that straddled the line between our more metalcore sound and the emo and pop punk tracks we grew up on, with some new textures in the verses, a big singalong chorus and just enough riffs woven in. We’ve never opened a song in such a stripped back way — with just clean guitar and quietly sung vocals — so we were really proud of how that came together. In rolling with it as the first single, we wanted to introduce people to this record with something a little unexpected from us.”

He continued:

“This song asks the question, ‘Am I to blame for my own negative state of mind? Is this habit of constantly revisiting depressive thought patterns something I do to myself because some sick, destructive part of me almost likes it, or feels more comfortable living in that place, and will I spend spend the rest of my life there and drive away the people I care about it because of it?’

It’s a heavy question to hit yourself with. But it’s one that I feel like a lot of us have asked when we’re battling through difficult times. This song is an honest representation of points in time when I’ve felt that way. And the truth is of course, no, you’re not to blame for your mental health.

It’s so complicated and being angry at yourself for the way that you feel leads nowhere, but sometimes turning the mirror on yourself like that is the only way to start becoming an active participant in your own well-being.”

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