Metallica Launch Mystery Countdown Site, Festival Rumors Emerge


Metallica have launched a mysterious countdown timer site over at With the band’s 1999 release of their “S&M” collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony turning 20 on November 23rd, there’s been some initial speculation that it could be related a new reissue, etc. of that release.

The timing however also falls in line with the upcoming theatrical opening of the band’s forthcoming live release, “S&M²“. For that set, the band once again teamed up with the San Francisco Symphony for a pair of live performances that took place this past September. The resulting live footage from this latest performance will receive a one-night theatrical screening on October 09th with details for a home release expected to follow.

While these would make for the more obvious choices, there’s also the possibility the impending reveal is not related to their “S&M” releases at all, but rather some type of festival. Some fans got to digging around in the code and noticed that one portion of the site not directly available to the public has ties to festival promoter Danny Wimmer Presents.

The latter are of course known for putting on some of the biggest North American rock and metal festivals in the form of the ‘Louder Than Life‘, ‘Sonic Temple Art & Music Festival‘, ‘Aftershock‘ and more. That portion of the site, which included links to Danny Wimmer Presents‘ website and privacy policy, was soon pulled following its discovery however.

The countdown timer isn’t scheduled to be revealed until around noon on Thursday, October 10th, so until then, speculate away.