Tom G. Warrior Of TriptykonMia Wallace

Tom G. Warrior (Celtic Frost, Triptykon, etc.) Reveals His Beefs With Members Of Metallica


In a reflective new interview with, Tom G. Warrior of Celtic Frost, Hellhammer and Triptykon fame looks back at his decision to revisit the work of Hellhammer live recently as ‘Triumph Of Death‘. While the conversation also focuses on his upbringing, the impact his work in Celtic Frost had on other musicians and more, it also finds Warrior directing some ire towards members Metallica.

While Warrior‘s biggest bone to pick seems to rest with Metallica frontman/guitarist James Hetfield and his penchant for hunting (Warrior is a vegan who champions animal rights,) he also took issue with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo covering Celtic Frost‘s “The Usurper” live.

The pair played a very loose version of that song during what are commonly referred to as their ‘doodles’. As they’ve done for some time now, the duo will haphazardly cover a track from an artist native to whichever city or country they’re in. Being that the show in question took place in Zurich, SWI this past May, the pair took on the aforementioned Celtic Frost track.

Speaking of that rendition, Warrior stated:

“They butchered it, and it was humiliating. Why don’t they leave their millionaire fingers off it? They’ve long lost the ability to play true metal in my opinion. Maybe I should go onstage and do a really miserable version of [Metallica’s] ‘Hit The Lights‘ with, like, 200 mistakes to set the balance.”

Meanwhile, when discussing his issues with Hetfield, he stated:

“This is completely personal, and I know probably the majority of your readers will not share this feeling, but even if they had done a fantastic job, I could puke all over it because I don’t support people who go hunting bears for a hobby. cannot respect a person like that, even if it’s a genius musician.”

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