Ian Watkins

Ex-Lostprophets Singer Ian Watkins Found Guilty Of Possessing Mobile Phone In Prison


Ex-Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins has now been found guilty of possessing a mobile phone while in prison and has been handed an additional 10 months on his current 35 year prison sentence, which he is serving for various child sex related crimes, after having been found guilty back in 2013.

A jury found Watkins guilty today, August 09th, after hearing the evidence throughout his trial this week. Watkins himself was found to be in possession of the phone by prison officials back in early 2018. Watkins produced the phone from his anus during a search of his cell. Prison officials were said to have been tipped off by a woman he was previously romantically linked with after he contacted her with the device.

Watkins, who is serving his sentence at the high-security HM Prison Wakefield in Wakefield, England, argued in his defense that he was threatened into holding the phone for two inmates. He alleged that they were forcing him to contact female fans and use them as a potential “revenue stream”. He alleged that he was targeted due to his celebrity status, claiming that he still receives large amounts of fan mail while in prison.

During his testimony Watkins refused to name the alleged pair of inmates, stating that they would have him killed if he did. Judge Rodney Jameson QC stated during Watkins‘ sentencing that did not accept Watkins‘ version of events. As it stands, Watkins‘ potential chance for parole in 2029 will be delayed by an additional five months as a result of this latest verdict.

Upon sentencing Watkins, Judge Rodney Jameson QC told him:

“I am very conscious of the fact you are serving a very long time and you will be well into middle age by the time you are released. The fact of the matter is if there is not an appreciable penalty for having had a mobile phone in these circumstances then of course you would draw from that the lesson you could have another one and that is not a position I would want to encourage.”

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