Ian Watkins

Ex-Lostprophets Singer Ian Watkins Claims Phone Found In His Anus Was Held Under Duress


This past March former Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins appeared in court and plead not guilty of illegally possessing a phone while continuing to serve his his 35 year prison sentence for various child sex related crimes, after having been found guilty back in 2013. Watkins has been serving his sentence at the the high-security HM Prison Wakefield in Wakefield, England.

With the case of Watkins‘ latest offense now having gone to trial, the Leeds Crown Court heard testimony from prison officials that Watkins produced a ‘small white telephone’ after being strip searched during March of 2018. The 8cm/3″ long GT-Star phone was produced from Watkins‘ anus. According to the Independent, prosecutor Stephen Wood told, the jury:

“He reached in his underwear towards his anus. After about 10 seconds the defendant produced a small white telephone. You will understand that this must have been inserted into his anus.”

A later search of his cell turned up a charger for the phone. According to the report, prosecutor Stephen Wood said Watkins told police: “he was being forced to hold onto the phone by other prisoners. He said his life had been threatened. He told police he had been threatened with being slashed.”

Watkins went on to describe the individuals as “serious guys” and stated that they had been attempting to get him to call “his groupies” to send him money in prison.

Wood went on to dispute Watkins version of events however, telling the court that he had not been holding the phone under duress and had instead been contacting at least one woman he knew with the device. That woman, Gabriella Persson, is said to have informed the authorities that Watkins was in possession of the phone.

She appeared at the trial, stating that she had known Watkins back when she was 19 and that the two had previously dated before breaking off contact in 2012. The pair apparently reconnected back in 2016 via letters, phone calls and emails sent legitimately from prison.

Persson also confirmed to the courts that she was aware of Watkins‘ crimes. As of now, the trial still continues.

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