Lamb Of God TheftMaricopa County Sheriff's Office

Three Men Arrested In Connection With Theft Of Guitars From Lamb Of God


Phoenix, AZ police have arrested three men in connection with the theft of a guitar and bass from Lamb Of God‘s semi-trailer. The instruments were stolen from a semi while the band were preparing to play the Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix, AZ on May 02nd.

One of the guitars briefly showed up on an online marketplace shortly after the theft, though the seller soon went dark. According to a report from 3TV/CBS 5, 51-year-old Michael Blakeslee, 62-year-old William Widener and 34-year-old Justin Pearson were all arrested in connection with the theft.

While police arrested the individuals and charged them with theft and trafficking in stolen property, the stolen instruments remain missing as of press time. The aforementioned report goes on to state that one of the individuals also attempted to pawn one of the stolen guitars, but was turned away by the owner.

Widener and Blakeslee were arrested on May 08th, while Petersen was arrested the following day.