Rumors Of Tool’s Music Coming To Streaming Services Heat Up


While the seemingly imminent debut of new music from Tool continues to draw attention, it appears their previously released music may make some headlines soon too. Various reports have recently made mention of profiles for the band appearing on both Spotify and Apple Music. While neither feature new info or updated promotional materials, if in fact new, it would certainly be an encouraging sign.

The band have infamously been one of the biggest holdouts when it comes to releasing their music via digital music services over the years—a decision the band’s frontman Maynard James Keenan clarified wasn’t his earlier this year.

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Thus far the group have yet to even release so much an EP or album officially via digital download, let alone streaming—a move that would be catastrophic for any album launch in 2019 given the continued decline of physical media sales. A 2017 report from Bloomberg had word that the band have been meeting with Spotify and Apple Music to get their music on the services, but as it stands, the available selection remains incredibly limited.

An already completed new album from the band is expected to arrive in the coming months and will be the first since the outfit’s 2006 outing “10,000 Days“—which officially turned 13 today, May 02nd.