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Sal Abruscato Shoots Down Type O Negative Reuniting, Says Static-X Reunion Looks “Desperate” & Dio Hologram Is “Stupid”


A Pale Horse Named Death‘s Sal Abruscato (ex-Type O Negative/Life Of Agony) appeared recently on the ‘BREWtally Speaking Podcast‘ (hear it below) and addressed his acrimonious split with Life Of Agony, among other topics. Speaking on his 2017 exit from Life Of Agony, he stated:

Life Of Agony kept working up until 2011. That record that came out on Epic, totally was a fiasco, and then that was 2005, and then the band kinda turned into this part time thing, where it was part time. Two weeks a year, and the band was doing that until 2011. Then there was a transformation, as we know, and that person said they didn’t want to do it anymore, and they had to go ‘change’, and you know, go into that cocoon and become somebody else. So the band kinda stopped right?”

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“Then in 2014 LOA wanted to get back together; the same time I was having a rough time. In 2013 my second daughter was born and she was born disabled and blind. And we were instantly thrown into a heavy situation of being pro active. My daughter had corneal transplants, 2 times on both eyes. So that changed things for me also where I didn’t want to tour for extensive periods of time at once. I wanted to break things up.

So that was fine and dandy when LOA wanted to get back together, and I wanted to take a break with APHND. There were just issues with people and stuff, and life, and at that moment it was just like a cash grab thing with LOA.”

He later continued:

“In 2017 when things unraveled between me and Life Of Agony, my daughter had about 25 procedures and I left on tour two times while my wife was in the hospital with my daughter and pregnant with my third daughter that was born in November. Which was something that Life Of Agony didn’t find so appetizing, that I was having another kid, and it meant I needed a couple of months off when it all went down anyway.”

He later added:

“I was dealing with people who were going through a midlife crisis and wanted to be 18 again, and didn’t have time to deal with my problems, and didn’t understand why I was maybe depressed or upset because what was going on with my kid and me, ya know? It was a lot of worries.

That’s the type of person I am, I wear my heart on my sleeve. So I tell people like it is, how it is, when it is and what is it. And some folks can handle that, and some can’t, but that’s the fuel…all that shit is the fuel. People not understanding me, or understanding your situation, but yet I gotta be compassionate and empathetic for others. It’s a one way street.”

Later in the conversation it was asked if the surviving members of Type O Negative have been approached to ever reunite the band in a similar fashion to the upcoming Static-X reunion run. If you’re unaware, both Type O Negative frontman/bassist Peter Steele and Static-X vocalist/guitarist Wayne Static both passed away. The surviving ‘classic’ lineup of Static-X intend to record a new album with guest singers and tour later this year with a fill-in for Static.

Replying to that, Abruscato commented:

“Yea I don’t think it’s cool. It’s desperate. It looks desperate. It seems like, ok people need money here we go. Let’s come up with ideas. How can we make this work? I think if they were carrying on with a new singer, as a new band, would be more dignity in that. But I’m not for that kind of thing. I think this whole Dio hologram thing is stupid also.

I think people have to let go and let legends be legends. Don’t try and bring them back from the dead, one way or another. First off, Peter was so prolific, and wrote everything and was such a unique figure, and such a unique voice, and unique attitude and just unique period.

It’s like Led Zeppelin couldn’t continue after John Bonham passed away. These days a band will continue, it doesn’t matter if the drummer dies or not, they continue. That was the attitude Led Zeppelin had, we can’t without our bro, he was a part of the recipe.

Now you’re talking about someone like Peter, who was like THE guy. Who wrote it all, the voice, The whole thing. I think it would be respectful or fair to the whole entity of what was laid down on those records and what the band was, how great it was live, when he was alive.

But I think now, some bands are getting desperate. Some people are getting desperate as they’re getting older, and they owe money or whatever it is. They need money, and lots of money. What kind of idea can we come up with? Why don’t you just go write a new record and be a new band? And that’s kinda like what’s gone on.

Like you have Kenny, who has his own bands, and Johnny who’s involved in a lot of bands, and I’m doing my thing and Josh did a whole career change. And everybody’s doing their own thing, and that’s the way it should be left, you know what I mean?

So if anyone really cares, actually helping out the members, and their other projects is a way of just trying to continue some type of candlelight… pass the torch kinda thing, and keep it going. That’s the best thing you can do.

Because I think there’s more dignity in starting a new project and creating new music and moving forward at the same time… maybe retaining those roots and retaining the influences and sounds and things like that, or what you really liked to do. Cause we all really like that kind of stuff at the end of the day.

So I think there’s more dignity in all of that, and writing some good new music. So that’s what Static-X should’ve done. They should’ve just made a new record with a new guy and maybe do one or two songs live as a tribute type of thing.

But I don’t know about a record….they billed a tour around that idea. I don’t know. I think it could be hit or miss. Maybe it’ll do really good. Maybe it’ll be a disaster.”

Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri previously shared his thoughts on Static-X‘s reunion plans, calling them a “cash grab.’ This led a longtime member of the band’s camp to clarify their intentions.

A Pale Horse Named Death released their new album “When The World Becomes Undone” last month and recently announced this North American tour.

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