Emmure Frontman Frankie Palmeri Pondering Solo EP, Says Upcoming Static-X Reunion Is A “Cash Grab”


Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri has been toying with the idea of putting together a solo EP that will see him branching out into other genres. In a new appearance on ‘BREWtally Speaking Podcast‘ (see below,) he said of the potential project:

“I’m trying to put together an EP or some kind of album… It’s like a hip hop meets industrial and some electronic stuff. I’m connected to a lot of talented people, so I’m gonna try and put something together right now so I can have a new project going by 2020.”

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Meanwhile, with Emmure having opened a 2012 Static-X tour, Palmeri was asked of his thoughts on Static-X reuniting with various ‘classic’ lineup members (bassist Tony Campos, guitarist Koichi Fukuda and drummer Ken Jay) for an upcoming tour and album.

An as-yet unannounced member will be taking the place of late frontman/guitarist Wayne Static on the tour, while various friends/musicians will be contributing to the album in his place. The touring part of that reunion will find this incarnation of Static-X out with DevilDriver and Dope with dates available here.

When asked what he thinks about’s those reunion plans, Palmeri replied:

“If you were to ask me my feelings on the whole idea of them touring without Wayne….I think it’s just crazy. There must be some really bad blood for them to wanna do that.”

Speaking of Wayne‘s passing and a January 2015 memorial show that was held for Wayne Static, Palmeri added:

“There was no one from the band there. No one that was a part of Static-X was at his memorial show. There’s no way there was any closure there. So I think that doing the tour and the album without him is just a huge ‘fuck you’ to him probably. That’s what it feels like. It’s very obvious it’s a cash grab, but you can’t get mad at that. It just is what it is.”

In a 2013 interview, Static went into detail on the legal issues and conflicts that had developed between him and then former Static-X bandmate Tony Campos. Campos spoke of his decision to reunite the band and his troubled history with Static this past November.

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