Wayne Static On Static-X Legal Woes: “At Least My Name Is Wayne Static And People Know Who I Am”


Wayne Static has rarely minced words when it comes to the legal agreement between him and former band mate Tony Campos regarding the usage of the Static-X namesake.

Static has previously been quite vocal in blaming that very arrangement as the reason why he no longer tours under the Static-X moniker. Fast forward a few months and it looks as though nothing has changed.

Static was recently interviewed by and when asked about how he likes going out on smaller club runs (see the dates for his December U.S. tour here), he replied:

Yeah. Ya know, we’re starting slow, and I don’t have the Static-X name anymore. I made a deal with Tonys the only legal Static-X member besides me.

I paid him a bunch of money last year to use the name, and he’s just a greedy motherfucker, man. He just hates me to death. He’s trying to gouge the shit out of me. I made him an offer to give him 25 percent of my net profits and he refused it.

He wants this outrageous number. [Laughs] He wants more money than I make in a year, and he’s just doing it on purpose because he hates me for whatever reason.

But he doesn’t want to play in Static-X, though. I gave him the opportunity, like, “Do you want to tour with us?” He’s like, “No.” Okay, well, “Will you let me use the name?” “No.” [Laughs]

He’s basically just telling me, like, “Fuck you.” Ya know? [Laughs] I’m like well, at least my name is Wayne Static and people know who I am. I’m not just some jack-off bass player that used to play in a band called Static-X. I’m like, “Fuck you,” ya know?

I’m still playing in a band called Wayne Static. It’s a little bit smaller because not everyone knows the name Wayne Static, and everyone knows the name Static-X, but we’re gonna build it up.

I basically made the choice that Static-X is done, unless Tony changes his mind at some point, which I doubt he will. We’re just going to build on Static-X. The funny thing is that it’s still the same guys that played with Static-X last year, the same songs basically…we just can’t call it Static-X.”

When asked if he had communicated with Campos since last November, he offered:

“I tried to reach out to him. I reached out to him at the end of 2012 when I had to cancel the end of the tour because my hernia was so bad, I just couldn’t play anymore. I said, “Dude, this is a good deal we’ve got going. If you give me some time off, I can get my surgery and I’ll heal up, then when I’m ready to go, we’ll start the deal up again.”

And he basically told me to go fuck off. He said, “Keep paying me or the deal is done.” So I’m like alright…I guess I’m fucking off then. Like who doesn’t want free money? I’m paying the dude to do nothing, and he told me to fuck off. Whatever.”

He continued:

“I don’t know what his deal is, man. I just don’t know. I know he’s happy playing with Soulfly, and it’s a cool band and whatever, but I don’t know why he’s gotta be such a dick to me. I don’t understand it.”

In regards to potential new material, Static said:

“I’ve been doing a little writing. Basically getting ideas together. My process is I just start. I sit down with a guitar, drum machine, and keyboard, and I just start recording ideas, coming up with guitar riffs, cool drum beats, cool grooves…I get all that stuff on tape. I have maybe forty or so ideas like that, just badass killer grooves.

After tour, I’m going to come back and start going through all that stuff, ya know? Pick my best ones and see what jumps out at me. Then at that point I’ll start working on vocals and arrangements and try to make songs out of it. Hopefully I’ll get a new record out some time next year.”

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