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Life Of Agony’s Mina Caputo Reportedly Slammed Ex-Drummer Sal Abruscato For Alleged Bigotry


Former Life Of Agony drummer Sal Abruscato and the band’s current frontwoman Mina Caputo are seemingly at odds with some shots being fired via social media. The feud spilled over onto social media when a user asked Caputo—who came out as transgender back in 2011—if it was true that she had voted for U.S. President Donald Trump, claiming that Abruscato had stated that.

This led Caputo to slam Abruscatowho was replaced by Veronica Bellino in the group this past January—with the following tweet (note said tweet appears to have since been deleted):

“Poor Sal was kicked out of Type O Neg kicked out of LifeOfAgony 2X, is a bigot, homophobe-Transphobic Supprtd TransBan in Military He’s a gas-lighter amngst his (wht was his mst loving friends)He’s Envious Spiteful combative & hates his own pathetic life Contemplate that genius!”

Abruscato took to his Facebook to state of that:

“Look at what this piece of shit tweeted about me on Oct 25.
I haven’t said a word in 10 months, just been busy with my album and you suddenly need to talk smack about me. #fuckyoumina #janisjoplinsuglytwinsister”

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