Wristmeetrazor Debut “Expiry Date: 12 Hours”


Wristmeetrazor are streaming a new song by the name of “Expiry Date: 12 Hours” below. The song appears on their forthcoming Prosthetic Records debut, “Misery Never Forgets“, which will meet a January 18th release date. Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, the band’s vocalist/bassist Justin Fornof commented:

“From an early age, I’ve suffered from sleep terrors and sleep hallucinations. It’s a regular occurrence to suddenly wake from a dead sleep into a fully hallucinated, half-woke, dream state. ‘Expiry Date: 12 Hours‘ is a song I wrote almost entirely on a series of 3 ams. Three days in a row I woke at 3 am unintentionally. Lying in complete darkness, lit only by the dim glow of my iphone, I’d put on Radiohead and write.

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My subconscious would envisage and recreate my loss as a dream and I’d wake to witness affection and warmth fade to a cold vacancy next to me. Each night. One person in particular influenced this song and was the most recurring figure. While some of the other tracks on ‘Misery Never Forgets‘ flirt with my intimate, abusive alliance with death, and my ideation of nonexistence, ‘Expiry Date: 12 Hours‘ is the embrace of a numb only experienced alone, hallucinating in the dark of night.”

The band currently have the following shows booked:

01/19 West Haven, CT – Crunch House
01/20 Oakdale, NY – Shaker’s Pub
01/21 Brooklyn, NY – Gold Sounds
01/22 Philadelphia, PA – The Pharmacy
01/23 Baltimore, MD – Sidebar
01/24 Harrisonburg, VA – Easy Greasy House
01/25 Greensboro, NC – New York Pizza

[via No Echo]