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Failure Release New EP “The Furthest Thing”, Stream Available


Failure have released the third entry in their four EP series. That effort, titled “The Furthest Thing“, arrived today September 14th, and can be streamed below. The first two entries landed earlier this year with the fourth tentatively expected before the year’s end as part of a new full-length compiling all of the EP tracks.

Meanwhile, each of the EP’s titles have been slowly revealing the eventual album’s full title with it currently standing at ‘The Future Your Body Will Be The Furthest Thing…’.

If you do some digging into that phrase and Failure-related releases, you may already be able to decipher where it is heading however. In other news, the band’s Ken Andrews has spoken with Revolver in a new interview and said of the band’s current approach to releasing music:

“Working this way is really fun for me. Because in the history of Failure, in the Nineties, we’ve had horrible problems finishing records and then having them not even come out until a year or two later. Now, after we finish a piece of music, we can put it out in two weeks or less after it’s mastered. That’s huge!”

He also stated that input from fans has been constructive as they continue on with the series:

“What was really cool about the first two EPs was getting feedback from the fans and press about the first EP while we were literally working on the second EP. It’s nice to have that and we really value that kind of back and forth.”