Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden Members Once Again Facing Lawsuit Over Disputed Songwriting Credits


Iron Maiden‘s bassist Steve Harris and guitarist Dave Murray, as well as the band’s publishing company Imagem London Limited, are once again facing legal troubles. The latest suit once again comes via attorney Barry McKay, who has filed another copyright dispute against the three parties.

This time McKay is acting on behalf of Iron Maiden‘s early singer Dennis Willcock and Terry Wilson-Slesser of Beckett. Together they are suing the aforementioned parties for what they suspect is over £2,000,000 in disputed lyric credits. As part of the suit they are seeking an assessment of the damages incurred by songs they allege featured lyrics that were falsely attributed to Harris and Murray.

They estimate that the share of the publishing income/royalties from those tracks are in excess of £2,000,000 and are seeking what they claim is their fair share of the proceeds.

Willcock claims to have written the lyrics for four of the band’s songs back in 1977 when he was a member of the group. Those tracks include: “Prowler“, “Charlotte The Harlot“, “Phantom Of The Opera” and “Iron Maiden“. Willcock further alleges he co-wrote the lyrics to “Prodigal Son” with Harris and was never properly credited for his role.

Wilson-Slesser meanwhile alleges that Iron Maiden‘s “Hallowed By Thy Name” lifted lyrics from Beckett‘s track “Rainbow’s Gold“, in particular the line “Catch your soul he’s willing to fly away”, which similarly appeared in “Hallowed By Thy Name” as “Catch my soul ‘cos it’s willing to fly away”.

A representative for Iron Maiden responded to the claims via The Sun: “This is outrageous. Absolutely ridiculous.”

McKay previously brought forth a similar suit against Harris, Murray and the band’s publishing company over their track “Hallowed By Thy Name“. In that suit he was representing Brian Quinn over a Beckett song titled “Life’s Shadow“, which they claimed multiple lines were lifted from and used in the aforementioned Iron Maiden track. That case was settled out of court.