Snapcase Frontman Daryl Taberski Speaks On Band’s Plans For New Material And His Side Project


Snapcase frontman Daryl Taberski was recently interviewed by Revolver ahead of the band’s impending May 11th & 12th shows at the Brooklyn Bazaar in Brooklyn, NY. Given that Snapcase debuted their first new track in sixteen years, “Spike Up Your Tone“, live earlier this year, the publication asked if there is more new material in the works. Taberski responded:

“We’ve been writing some new material here and there. We did finish the song that we played at the show in Buffalo called ‘Spike Up Your Tone,’ kind of a positive song. We’ve been playing shows on and off, a couple of shows a year. Last year we played a festival in Spain, which was pretty fun with Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies, among a lot of other bands. We also played The Fest in Gainesville with Hot Water Music, which was a really good time. We’ve been getting out there and playing some shows and it’s been a lot of fun.”

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When pressed further for the band’s new material plans, he replied:

“We are interested in writing more material and we have parts for a lot of different songs, it’s just a matter of coming together and completing songs. We haven’t really discussed, “Oh, are we going to do an EP? Are we going to do a 7-inch or are we gonna do an album?” Right now we need to just keep getting together and working on material and also having fun.

When we were a full-time active band, it became more like a job: “OK, this is what we need to do and sustain.” Sometimes you can lose a little bit of the fun doing that, and now it’s a lot of fun. We all have full-time jobs outside of music and we all need the outlet to kind of rock and have a good time.”

Taberski also mentioned that he has been working on a new project with his cousin, Asechiah Bogdan (ex-Windhand). Taberski‘s Snapcase bandmate, bassist Dustin Perry, joins him in that project, as does ex-Alabama Thunderpussy/Avail drummer Erik Larson. For more on that, head to Revolver.

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