Jonathan Davis Of Korn

Jonathan Davis Sets Release For Solo Album, Korn Take On Charlie Daniels & Billy Squier For Tentative Covers Album


Korn frontman Jonathan Davis guests on the latest episode of ‘2 Hours With Matt Pinfield‘ (you can listen to the full interview here) and discusses the lengthy road to his forthcoming new solo album. During the chat he confirmed a May 25th release date through Sumerian Records for that effort, though admitted that at the time of interview, he had yet to come up with a title for it.

That outing has been in the works for some ten years and was initially derailed by a failed record deal and more. Some material on it also dates from as far back as then as well. During the conversation Davis confirms that bassist Miles Mosley (Kamasi Washington, etc.) was involved with the songwriting and appears on the forthcoming album.

Notably, DavisKorn bandmate Ray Luzier previously confirmed he plays the drums on the effort. Luzier will also be joining Davis on the road for touring behind it and has been overseeing the auditions for members of Davis‘ upcoming touring band.

Interestingly, Davis also states that work on the album was only recently just finished, offering:

“I just finished it last night actually. I’ve still been working on it. I’ve been working on songs being mixed, so the last song I finished last night. It’s being mixed today and it’ll be done.”

Davis went on to describe one song, “Final Days“, as featuring a Peter Gabriel/’Blade Runner‘ vibe and that it was originally written during the early 2000s. Another song titled “Basic Needs” was discussed, and was said to feature tablas, Indian music influences and more.

The prospect of a Korn covers album was also discussed with Davis stating: “Korn‘s been talking about a cover album for years.” He later went on to reveal that the band have covered The Charlie Daniels Band‘s “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” for it as well as Billy Squier‘s “The Stroke“. He continued of it:

“We got some good ones. We’ll probably do… We’re still picking ones—it’s been a work in progress for a long time. But whenever we get a little free time, we go ahead and do a couple songs. One day it’ll see the light of day.”

Davis will commence his solo tour for the album next month on this North American tour. Meanwhile, by the looks of it, Korn themselves have been working on a new album in recent weeks.

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