Deftones' Chino Moreno

Bad Rabbits Drummer Explains Fate Of Scrapped Chino Moreno Collaboration


All the way back in 2010 Bad Rabbits shared this footage of themselves in the studio working on a then new track with Deftones, etc. vocalist/guitarist Chino Moreno guesting. That album was being produced by new jack swing pioneer Teddy Riley and nearly eight years later neither the track or album has arrived. There’s a good reason for that as the album itself was scrapped amid various music industry issues.

During an interview on ‘Jon’s Untitled Podcast‘, Bad Rabbits/Irepress drummer Sheel Davè spoke of the collaboration and how it came to be:

“So what happened with Chino was that we had a mutual friend and he worked for a management company in Sacramento at the time. And we’re still in touch with him now—he’s been a huge Bad Rabbits supporter from the jump.

And he was friends with Chino, and our homie at the management company was playing Bad Rabbits in the office and Chino walked in, and he was like ‘who is this?’—he grew up listening to 90s music as well, late 80s… And he was was like ‘Oh it’s actually the drummer from this band Irepress that you’re a fan of, he’s in this R&B band now.’

So fast forward a couple years later, our homie at the management company put me in touch directly with Chino via e-mail and was like ‘hey, these guys are in the studio in L.A. recording a record with Teddy Riley‘—and Chino was a big Teddy Riley fan—and then a week later he was in the studio with us.

But he never tracked his vocals on the record, he just laid his guitar down. Whether we put that out or finish that song, if he finishes his vocals or not, I have no idea.

But those dudes are the homies now. They’re a band we grew up on and now they’re peers. Now they’re musical peers. We played a festival with Deftones in Maine and I looked over to my left and I see all of Deftones watching us side stage.

And I was like ‘this shit is crazy man.’ This band I grew up listening to respects us now, and watches us perform. And we’re still friends with them now.

Every time they come to Boston we hang out, we got out on the streets of Boston and get hammered together…”