Austin Carlile

Austin Carlile Appears To Be Bitter Towards Of Mice & Men


It seems safe to say that the relationship between Of Mice & Men and their former vocalist Austin Carlile has been a complicated affair. Carlile‘s second exit from the band took place late last year.

Initially it was said that his departure was due to his longstanding health issues from Marfan syndrome—a genetic disorder he suffers from which affects the connective tissue throughout his body. That affliction has seen him undergo countless surgeries and procedures.

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However, two months after his exit, Carlile not so subtly suggested that issues with his faith played a part in his departure. Carlile, had announced that he was going to “fully follow god” in the summer of 2016 prior to his exit. The remaining members of the band denied such claims and it’s been a relatively smooth public relationship since.

That is until today (October 26th) as some suggestive tweets made by Carlile appear to cast some shade on his former bandmates. One of those tweets appears to reference the band’s first single since Carlile‘s 2016 departure, “Unbreakable“. To that end, Carlile tweeted:

“You aren’t unbreakable, you don’t even know what it feels like. My spirit is unbreakable, because my body has been broken so many times.”

He followed it up with a quote from the band’s 2011 track, “O.G. Loko“:

“I’m still here. THIS is faithfulness at it’s finest.”

Going deeper down the hole, Carlile initially praised his former bandmates upon the release of “Unbreakable“, but has since deleted the post.

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