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Comedian/Actor, Etc. Bill Burr Is A Fan Of The Mars Volta And Meshuggah


Comedian/Actor/Writer Bill Burr (‘Breaking Bad‘, ‘F Is For Family‘) recently gushed over the music of The Mars Volta and Meshuggah on an episode of his ‘The Monday Morning Podcast‘. He said of the two bands in particular:

“Dude I know I’m like fucking over ten years late on this thing—but I am an old guy. I’ve just been listening to the first two The Mars Volta albums and I gotta tell you, Jon Theodore is a fucking genius drummer. …’Viscera Eyes‘… Any drummers out there, you gotta listen to that fucking song and you gotta learn how to play it.

You can’t be a drummer, listen to that, and not wanna… At least that opening drum groove. I don’t know what the fuck he’s doing on the breakdown in the end but it’s one of the sickest fucking drum grooves I’ve ever heard in my life.

And you listen to what the guitar is doing—Most people would have just played with the guitar, and the way he fucking plays around it; And one of my favorite things, it does not have the snare on 2/4 and it still just fucking—not only fucking rocks—it propels this fucking song.

I think I’ve listened to that song 200 times in the last fucking week and it’s still giving me chills. It’s fucking unreal.

And my drum teacher a long time ago told me to get into this band Meshuggah and I listened to it and it was too advanced, I couldn’t hear what was… It was just too much shit to be listened to.

But because I’ve been listening to Mars Volta and their crazy shit I actually went back because I was scrolling through looking for Mars Volta and I had this Meshuggah album for the longest time and I went back and listened to it and I think I’m finally starting to like… I always knew it was amazing but now I am actually fucking into it. I keep listening to that first song—I’m babystepping my way into it, this music is way advanced for my limited musical abilities. But that first song “Stengah“…—the drumming on that, the whole fucking thing is unbelievable.”

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