Tengger Cavalry

Tengger Cavalry Debut “Independence Day” Video


Tengger Cavalry have released a video for “Independence Day” off their newly released album, “Die On My Ride“. Frontman Nature Ganganbaigal said of this latest track:

“Growing up in China and seeing what the regime has done to its citizens to suppress their individuality, free speech and activism through education has awoken me to how other countries and their leaders treat their citizens. These leaders force their people into becoming sheep-like and afraid to stand up to authority. Speaking up and challenging mainstream thought is considered dishonorable.

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It saddens me that even coming from brave origins, inhabitants of this country are still letting things slide and pretending as if everything is just fine. We ignore the atrocities happening right in front of us – such as minorities being seen as less than other citizens because of their skin color and those of a different sexual identity being discriminated for just being who they are – and a leader who seems to be passive about it all.

After experiencing life both in China and the US, I decided to write “Independence Day“. It is an anthem for anyone who embraces their independent identity, fights for the truth and speaks up against any manipulator. We are all sons and daughters of the sky and we all have the right to decide who we want to become!”

You can catch the band out on tour now across North America on this trek.


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