Doom Choir

Watch Static-X, Aborted, Tengger Cavalry, Etc. Members Form A Choir For ‘Doom Eternal’ Score


Mick Gordon returns as the composer for the score to the upcoming ‘Doom Eternal‘ video game and has enlisted a choir of various heavy metal vocalists to achieve his vision this time around. Among those who took part in the recording sessions last March for the game’s score are:

Tony Campos (Static-X, Ministry)
Sven de Caluwe (Aborted)
James Dorton (Black Crown Initiate)
James Rivera (Helstar)
Linzey Rae (The Anchor)
Nature Ganganbaigal (ex-Tengger Cavalry)
Rae Amitry (Immortal Bird)
Ben Crossbones (Arkane)
Chad Kapper (Frontierer)
Chelsea Rocha-Murphy (Kinnefret)
Chelsea Strickland (Accursed Creator)
Emanuel Palalic (The False Archaic)
Emma Lytle (Vault Dweller)
Linsay O’Connor (Coma Cluster Void)
Natalie Kahan (Wildspeaker)
Wesley Merritt (The World I Knew)
Lucy Lenoir (Apothica)
Tre Watson
Chris De Leon
Aaron Grace
Andrea Pacas
Elijah Arnold

Nature Ganganbaigal of Tengger Cavalry would later pass away in June of 2019, some several months after participating in the recording sessions for the game. If you’ve yet to experience Gordon‘s impressive score for the 2016 ‘Doom‘ video game, you can educate yourself here. ‘Doom Eternal‘ will be released across various platforms on March 20th.

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