Chris Cornell

Report: Details Of Chris Cornell’s Final Phone Call With His Wife Revealed


TMZ are running a report on the apparent last phone call between Soundgarden, etc. frontman Chris Cornell and his wife Vicky, which took place shortly before he was found dead. The report paints a troubling picture of Cornell being out of sorts, with mentions of slurred words and odd conversational shifts. Among other things, TMZ‘s summary of the call includes the following excerpt:

Vicky says she knew something was seriously wrong and said to Chris, “I need to know what you took tonight. You don’t sound right, sweetheart.” He replied, “I was really angry and I just took 2 Ativan. I’m really pissed and I had to calm myself down.”

Vicky replied, “I need to know what you took. It doesn’t sound like 2 Ativan. It sounds like you took something else. You need to tell me now what you took. I forgive you.”

Vicky says at that point Chris‘ entire demeanor changed. He got aggressive — not toward her — but his tone was “cocky and aggressive.” She says she immediately had a flashback to 14 years before, when Chris was abusing Oxycontin … when it got so bad at one point he nearly died.”

The conversation gave Vicky enough concern to call Cornell‘s bodyguard and have him break into the suite her husband was staying in. The summary also adds additional detail to the police report that was released last week. Cornell‘s wife had previously expressed concerns that his anxiety medicine may have played a role in his death. Cornell took his own life the night of May 17th following a concert in Detroit, MI. He was laid to rest yesterday (May 26th) in Hollywood, CA. Toxicology tests taken on his body at the time of his passing have yet to be processed.

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