Pentagram's Bobby Liebling

Pentagram’s Bobby Liebling In A ‘Detention Facility’, Charges Revealed (Updated)


Update – May 11th 12:51pm:

It would seem that the reason Pentagram frontman Bobby Liebling is currently housed in a ‘detention facility’ has come out. Records from the District Court Of Maryland have Liebling facing a number of charges, including assault in the first degree, physical abuse/injury of a vulnerable adult and two charges of abuse against a vulnerable family member. Unconfirmed rumors published by MetalSucks suggest that the victims may be Liebling‘s elderly parents, whom he was seen to have been living with back in the 2011 documentary on him, ‘Last Days Here‘.

Original Story:

Pentagram frontman Bobby Liebling will miss another tour as a result of his ‘personal actions.’ The band will be undertaking their European dates this summer without Liebling, whom the group have since revealed to currently be in a detention facility. They said of the matter:

“As was the case for the recently completed US shows, vocalist Bobby Liebling will not appear with Pentagram for previously booked European dates this summer.

To elaborate, Bobby called on April 17 saying he had been admitted to the hospital. He called again on April 19, this time after being transferred to a Maryland detention facility. He’s now awaiting a preliminary hearing at which time it will be determined if a follow-up on any alleged charges are necessary. An update will be published when information is available. The band will be fulfilling all currently booked appearances with 36-year mainstay guitarist Victor Griffin performing all vocals.


The outpouring of support on our recent US dates was outstanding! Your energy was matched ten-fold and encouraged us to carry on and deliver what many have called, even by skeptics, some of the best Pentagram performances they’ve seen. Thank you!

We have the best fans in the world and if not for you, the legacy of this band would have died long ago. We won’t let you down now. The music lives on and as we move forward, we reiterate the lyrics of “Curious Volume“:

“In this venture death waits in the shadows, but in survival the volume won’t die!”

Victor, Greg, & Pete

Liebling has had some long struggles with drug addiction in the past, as was shown in vivid detail in the 2011 documentary on him, ‘Last Days Here‘. It remains unclear as to what the nature of Liebling‘s apparently latest offense was however.