Six Feet Under's Chris Barnes

Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes & Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Briefly Beefed On Twitter This Weekend


While many bands have taken to beefing on Twitter, sometimes they also resolve their grievances over the social media platform. This weekend is another case of that as a potential feud between Six Feet Under‘s Chris Barnes and Twisted Sister‘s Dee Snider was quickly disarmed by direct communication.

Initially Barnes took issue with comments Snider made in this interview with Noisey, in which Snider was asked about his involvement in the PMRC hearings back in the 1980’s. At those hearings Snider argued against a sweeping attempt at censorship in the music industry that led to parental advisory stickers and such. When asked how far is too far for him when it comes to music, he commented:

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“I have been in radio for 25 years, and I once threw a record into the garbage: Cannibal Corpse‘s first record. I was disgusted, because to me, it wasn’t being artistic in any way. It was being vulgar and disgusting just for shock value. You talk about fucking a nun in the ass with a knife, it was literally—that was one of the songs!

I was reading the lyrics, and you know, I’m an artist, I’m for creativity, for exploration, give me something to say that this is your artistic statement, but when you’re just writing down the most despicable things you could possibly think of for the sake of shock, well, that to me isn’t art.

So, it that too far? That’s too far. Who am I to judge? Everyone can judge for themselves. Would I say they should still be allowed to make their music? No. Should their music be kept form people getting it? No. That’s the difference between a person who wants to decide for others, or who wants to decide for themselves.

That was one of my positions when I went to testify. As a parent, listen to this shit, decide, and control your world. Don’t ask the government to babysit your children. Judge for yourself, and do what you gotta do.”

Six Feet Under vocalist Chris Barnes fronted Cannibal Corpse on that album and took offense to Snider‘s comments. In a since deleted tweet, Barnes called out Snider for not saying that to his face when they met prior. Snider responded in kind on Twitter:

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