Slayer's Kerry King

Slayer’s Kerry King Says Hillary Clinton is The “Safe, Correct Choice”, Calls Trump A “Sideshow”


Slayer guitarist Kerry King is known to be outspoken, but generally not when it comes to politics. When asked about his thoughts on the upcoming U.S. election by, he offered:

“I’m certainly not a political analyst, but I think that Hillary Clinton is the safe, correct choice. [Donald] Trump is just a sideshow. I’m not even going to apologize to all the Trump followers. I think the reason he’s so popular is because he’s like the politics version of WWE. He’s sensational like wrestling and that’s why middle America loves him.”

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He further added of Trump: “He’s the biggest liar I’ve ever seen in politics. I mean, most of them are liars, but he just outright in-your-face lies.”

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